First Article

You know, I considered what headline this article should have, possibly far longer than I really should have however I settled on ‘First Article’ because hey, it’s my first article. As I write this I’m faced with a blank screen that somewhat mocks how I feel, blank. I have no real idea of how my Medium profile will turn out or what I will bring to the table but what I do know is that I am passionate. I am passionate about learning, about helping and about challenging the typical standards that are out there. So, to get an idea about who I am is really the only way for us to find out if this is a Medium ideal match and, if this is an online relationship in the making.

About Elyse…

A — Age. Currently, I am 35. Although I don’t feel it (sometimes) and I don’t act it. I’m not immature, don’t get me wrong here, but I like a good filthy joke, I appreciate people who get in touch with their inner child and laugh! 35 is heading to 40, that in itself scares me, I describe myself as ‘on the hill’ because the reality is, I’m on top of the hill and there’s no way back.

B — Blogging. We currently have two blogs that we actively blog on the first is: Sweet Elyse Blog and the second is Elyse and Connor.

C- Children. I have three sons and a step-son. Forget the mum of dragons, I’m the mum of boys.

D — Drinks. I enjoy tea. I love chai. Alcohol wise, I like Cointreau, I enjoy a cold Baileys, I love gin(but not the glittery stuff) and really partial to a nice Black Cow Vodka at the moment with watermelon syrup.

E — Eat. I will eat more things except — and I emphasise the except quite heavily as I cannot tolerate the stuff — grapefruit and goats cheese. Alone or together. Also snails. Also, anything that looks or resembles boogers.

F — Family & Friends. My circle is very small. Family is important to us and we are currently trying to conceive.

G — Goals. You know, so many people wish for riches and fame. Not me. My goal in life is to have enough to provide my sons and us with enough security and less stress. For me, that is everything.

H- Home. Home is currently in Fife, Scotland. I love Scotland.

I — Interests. I have a somewhat weird and, boring set of interests. I love health, I love aromatherapy, herbalism, bacteria, mycology. I love to blog, I adore music and film but not creating them, just watching them. I adore food, drink, and culture in general.

J — Job. Alongside being a self-employed feature writer, I do have a normal 9–5 job in administration which I enjoy. Having a variety of office work versus self-employment gives me balance.

K- Kooky. It’s a word that I can only use to describe myself. I definitely don’t fit into the cookie-cutter mould of what a woman should be or how they should think and my personality stretches far and wide. Hopefully, you’ll get to find out in my Medium journey.

L — Liver. I have a liver condition called PBC (Primary Biliary Cholangitis) which is not curable but well managed.

M — Money Saving. This is a biggie for me. I will hopefully be discussing this more over the next few weeks.

N — Number. Weirdly I have two lucky numbers, 4 and 13.

P — Peony. Again I have a few flowers I simply adore in all colours, peony is one of them.

Q — Quiet. I hate a lot of noise over a long period of time. Quiet is important for me so I can hear myself think and to concentrate.

R — Real Talk. I tend to discuss things others would see as cringe-like, controversial or embarrassing. It’s not deliberate. I tend to find most things ‘normal’ and therefore if it’s a human quality, it’s worth normalising…right?

S — Salt. OK hear me out, I would happily become a salt buff. Salt is so important for us health-wise, especially ‘’good’’ salt. Without salts, my heart turns into a hyperactive child and results in me heading to the hospital. Dieting is a nightmare, so to counteract it I make sure I take in enough good salts and magnesium.

T — Tarot. I’ve been a long time fan of tarot cards. I don’t have a favourite because I think the message is what it’s about and the message tends to be the same regardless of the pack.

U — Unoffensive. Honestly, I am very hard to offend.

V — Violane. One of my favourite gemstones, much like diopside. It’s a gorgeous purple to blue and is said to help heal, support bone health and aid weight loss and reduce PMS. The stone is full of manganese so this also maybe how it helps.

W — Walking. I love to walk as a form of fitness.

X — eX. I was married previously and then divorced after many years. Now I’m re-married to ‘’hairy boy’’.

Y — Yoga. Yoga and stretching are passions of mine. Flexibility is key to health and yoga not only exercises the outer body but the internal systems also. What’s not to love.

Z — Zzzz. The obvious one is sleep! I love to sleep and catching some Zzzz’s. I can hibernate for days (if allowed) but life says no, so I need to wake up.

Closing there, I just want to say a huge Hello!! Drop by, leave a comment, let's get to know each other.

Elyse x



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